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Company Profile
Management Philosophy:

As affiliate of AFS Corporation Co., Ltd, our management’s philosophy is to support customers’ lifestyles and enable each individual to maximize future opportunities through effective use of credit. Our basic policies are to put customers first, provide financial services that are closely attuned to customers’ lives, earn the trust of society and meet its expectations, and maintain a corporate culture that encourages our people to excel. We are committed to our mission of truly contributing to our customers’ lives through financial services.

Corporate History:

The company was incorporated as a private company limited in Cambodia on 05th October 2011 under registration No. Co. 2380 E/2011, issued by the Ministry of Commerce. On 7th October 2011, the company obtained its license as a microfinance institution from the National Bank of Cambodia. As a microfinance institution, the company was the first to offer an unsecured Personal Loan and Installment Services such as Home Appliances Installment, Motorbike Installment, Mobile Phone Installment, Agriculture Installment, etc.
On 26th October 2015, the company obtained a specialized bank’s license from the National Bank of Cambodia. Since then, the company has transformed into a specialized bank named “AEON Specialized Bank (Cambodia) Plc.”, and started issuing an unsecured credit card “AEON Card”, a QR Code mobile payment app with Khmer Riel currency “AEON Wallet”, an mVisa Scan to Pay “AEON Card Mobile”, as well as an Auto Installment as our business expansion.

In 2018, AEON Thana Sinsap (Thailand) Public Company Limited, a listed company in Thailand, owns 50% shares of the company while another 50% is owned by AFS Corporation Co., Ltd, a listed company in Japan.