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Massive talent pool & Professional endorsement
  • More than 200,000 high-quality talent pools
  • The cumulative number of cooperative enterprises has reached 20,000+
  • 4 years of deep cultivation and accumulation of the human resource industry in Cambodia
Equipped with a professional position PM to find suitable talents for you
  • Tailor-made service plan
  • Targeted in-depth exploration of the most suitable talents
  • Output Online Recruitment Report
  • Timely and objective grasp of market salary information
Efficiently match candidates within 3-7 days
  • Recommend the first batch of candidates within 3 days at the earliest
  • The cumulative number of cooperative enterprises has reached 20,000+
  • Complete the onboarding of required candidates within 7 days at the earliest
Instant refund if no candidate is recommended for you
  • If no candidate is recommended within 7 days, there is no reason to refund
  • 30-day referrals will be refunded in large proportion if they are not successfully recruited
  • Candidate onboarding guarantee period of up to 90 days

Service Process

Customer entrustment

contract signing

Efficiently match candidates within 3-7 days

5-10 resumes are recommended

Arrange interviews within 48 hours

within one day at the earliest

Complete recruitment within 30 days

within a week at the earliest

Customer Reviews

100+ companies can find high-quality talents through our headhunting service every day

Canadia Bank Plc

Main Sponsor

CamboJob Career Fair 2022 had great event space, parking space, and booth spaces. There were also a large amount of participants, and the advertisement for the event was great.
Mr. ChungEang HENG

Recruitment Supervisor

CamboJob Career Fair 2022 went smoothly, many people participated, and we also found our candidates during the event. Our company is extremely satisfied with the event
Mr. Jesing Lor

Human Resource Supervisor

CamboJob Career Fair 2022 was very well organized. There were an extremely large amount of participants

Our perspective

Let Cambodian companies recruit high-quality talents more efficiently, and let excellent talents enter the job faster

Social value

Provide job matching opportunities for 250,000 person-times in 2023 through online recruitment, offline activities, and campus recommendation.

Innovation value

Let Cambodian companies use efficient website recruitment products on a large scale, shortening the time from 1-3 months to find a job to finding a suitable job within 1 month

Corporation value

With more advanced technology and better service concepts, we can solve recruitment needs and problems most directly for enterprises.

Employee value

We hope that the employee's work happiness index can be improved in an all-round way, and that they can work happily, so that every employee has the opportunity to obtain substantial equity in the company to realize joint entrepreneurship

Shareholder value

Create more returns for future IPO equity shareholders or current shareholders, and solve the substantial demand for high-end talents

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