Sales Admin Manager
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Basic info
Job TypeFull-time
Recruiting Numbers2People
Work Experience3-5year
Age range18岁--30岁
Working LocationNR6, Phnom Penh, Cambodia(Phnom Penh/Choury Changvar)
Job Description
- Preparing the SOP, terms, and relevant forms, and overseeing the procedure for approved
client’s request, blocking units, booking and SPA, and client’s feedback.
- Keeping original booking forms, SPA, other approved client requests, memo, official
announcement, and other company legal documents
- Coordinating with legal team, sales, accounting, construction team, managements, and relevant
departments to ensure fast and accurate document processing
- Ensuring that the company’s hotline phone number is responsive and taken care by sales admin
- Updating and explaining the information and terms in project factsheet, booking form, SPA, and
- Providing accurate project information toward internal teams and external agencies
- Maintaining client information and special approved terms to ensure high client’s satisfaction
before and after house handover
- Ensuring the client’s requests will be fullfilled correctly before and after house handover
- Training, supporting and checking the internal team and agencies to use CRM system or client
registration platform with accurate information
- Ensuring fairness and accuracy of client registration’s information, source of client, booking,
SPA, and especially commission allocation to both internal teams and external agencies
- Reporting and coordinating any conflict or complaint or feedback from internal team, agencies
and clients.
- Managing sales admins to support Sales team to accurately fill in booking form and attach
sufficient documents for SPA
- Managing sales admins to coordinate and prepare booking form, and SPA for internal team’s
purchase, and clients from top managements
- Managing sales admins to prepare SPA and its attachments
- Managing the sales admin to use CRM to update the reports including house blocking summary,
booking report, sales report, commission reports for internal team and agencies, sales team
client’s registration, agency client’s registration, and client’s approved requests
- Directly reporting to Chief of Sales and Marketing
- Handling other tasks assigned by Chief of Sales and Marketing and top managements
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