客户经理/Account Manager
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Basic info
Job TypeFull-time
Recruiting Numbers1People
Department No Limit
Work Experience3-5year
Age range No Limit
Working LocationUnable to determine the address at this location.(Phnom Penh/Daun Penh)
Job Description
Open for Local People Only(欢迎柬埔寨人投递)
The account manager is responsible for the account strategy for business, sales KPI, sales execution to meet or exceed our business plan, get customer confident and trust, support to the customer to fulfill their KPIS, and keep our positioning in front our customer and again our competence. Get and exceed customer satisfaction with quality and on time based on our commitments.
Account Manager not only fulfill customer expectation and KPIs but also exceed customer expectation vs Huawei internal process capacities and delivery time. Be sure that Huawei offer the best technology, solution and prices, all this together with quality and the best delivery time
The employee will mostly focus on:
• Responsible for the strategies and plans
• Lead internal teams and be sure all the areas work for the same goal, as the customer expected.
• Be sure that all the internal teams woks for the same goal not only for customer but also internal
• Be sure to achieve the yearly quota working in a professional way.
• Be sure that all the internal areas woks as a team to ensure all the commitments and get customer satisfaction
• Be sure to work with the partners to serve the end customers well and match the customers’ requirement and expectation.
• We are responsible to understand the customer. Customer business, goal and KPIS.
• Identify customer pain points in order to really understand their necessities and support them coaching and training them in advance
• Show and offer Huawei support for any necessity customer have.
• Show our strength and support we have with our seniors’ resources to get confident for new technologies and business worldwide.
• Show and convince customer about Huawei technologies, capabilities vs competence.
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