Operational Manager
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Basic info
Job TypeFull-time
Recruiting Numbers3People
Department No Limit
Work Experience1-3year
Age range20岁--35岁
Working Location无法确定地址在这个位置。(Phnom Penh/Other Area)
Job Description
- Nationality: Khmer/Chinese
- Cambodian will be preferred
- Job Responsibilities:
1.in-depth analysis of user needs, planning of marketing activities, and implementing promotional activities
2.Using Facebook, Tiktok, Telegram and other channels, combining holidays, hot topics, etc. to formulate effective GTV growth strategies
3.Plan activities according to supply characteristics and holiday scenarios, formulate incentive mechanisms, and integrate internal and external resources to attract merchants to sign up for platform activities
4.Ability to review data according to the effect of activities, through data analysis and monitoring of core links, to optimize related procedures and products
5.Integrate internal and external resources, use target output for medium- and long-term strategies and index disassembly, to stimulate user growth and GTV, analyze user behavior, formulate optimization plans, and continuously improve data indicators

Job Requirements:
1.Bachelor degree or above;
2.Working experience with other food delivery platform is a MUST;
3.Have experience in Internet platform operation and event operation, and have some experience in cross-departmental resource consolidation and integrated marketing;
4.Have strong logical thinking ability and data analysis ability, sensitive to data, good at analyzing, have a good sense of user experience, and have the spirit of innovation;
5.Excellent communication skills, able to adapt to high-intensity, fast-paced work styles.
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