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201 2022/08/11

Job description

#Scope of work details:
• រៀបចំឯកសារទុកសំរាប់ដេញថ្លៃ
• ប្រជុំពីកំរោងដេញថ្លៃ
• ធ្វើកិច្ចសន្យាពេលដេញថ្លៃបាន
• តាមដានរល់ការងារដែលដេញថ្លៃហើយ (ធ្វើអោយត្រូវតាមឯកសារដេញថ្លៃឬកិច្ចសន្យា)
• តាមមើលជាប្រចាំនូវព័ន្តមានដេញថ្ងៃ (ដោយក្រសូង អ្នកជំនួយ ឬ ស្ថាប័នផ្សេងៗ )
• ត្រូវគ្រប់គ្រងរល់ការដេញថ្លៃទាំងអស់
• ត្រូវមានទំនាក់ទំនង់ល្អចំពោះស្ថាប័នផ្សេងៗដែលពាក់ពន្ធនឹងការដេញថ្លៃ
• Advanced university degree in business development, enterprise development,
public relations and communication and other related fields,
• At least 3-5-year experience of work with the private sector, civil society
organizations, and international organizations,
• Proven experience in working with the private sector in the area of corporate
responsibility, as well as the proven record of successful partnership mobilizing from
private sector, and/or government agencies,
• At least 1-3 years of experience interacting with development donors including
writing corporate partnership agreement,
• Excellent capacity for developing and maintaining a network of contacts with
potential donors and partners
• Self-starter with initiative, drive, and the capacity to spot potential partnership
• Fluency in Khmer, Well in English or the other Languages Chinese, Thai, etc., (Both
Spoken & Written).,
#May you know us:
* Working hours: Monday to Saturday, (8 hours per day.,)
* Workstation: Phnom Penh and Kandal Province.,
* Salary range: negative.,
* Group Business Local (Realty, Property, Condominium, Construction materials, etc.,)
* Attached are Resume & Portfolios info previously details.,