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114 2022/09/05

Job description

Duties and Responsibilities
1. Create visual outputs (graphics, videos).
2. Perform quality control on internal documents (ensure that they are consistent with the company’s branding guidelines and standards).
3. Liaise with third party service providers to manage banners, signboards, and print company collateral).
4. Define internal requirements to be able to deliver material to internal business lines and clients on time.
5. Develop user-friendly templates for the brokerage team to expedite posts on social media.
6. Develop material that can be used across multiple social media platforms as well as an EDM.
7. Assist on social media promotions.
8. When required, assist in set-up and take-down for corporate events
9. Produce banners, j-flags, posters, stands, for internal usage as well as product activation for clients.
10. Be proactive in furthering your skills on graphic design and corporate communications constantly.
11. Constantly update internal templates when provided something new by Group MarCom’s.
1. 创建可视化输出(图形,视频)。
2. 执行内部文件的质量控制(确保它们与公司的品牌指南和标准一致)。
3. 与第三方服务供应商联系,管理横幅、招牌和印刷公司抵押品)。
4. 定义内部需求,以便能够按时向内部业务线和客户交付材料。
5. 为经纪团队开发用户友好的模板,以加快在社交媒体上的帖子。
6. 开发可以跨多个社交媒体平台以及一个EDM使用的材料。
7. 协助社交媒体推广。
8. 必要时,协助建立和删除公司活动
9. 制作横幅,j-flags,海报,看台,内部使用以及客户的产品激活。
10. 积极主动地不断提升你在平面设计和企业沟通方面的技能。
11. 当集团公关部提供一些新的东西时,不断更新内部模板。
Qualifications and Skills
1. Fluent in written and spoken Khmer with good grammar skills.
2. Fluent in written and spoken English. Ability to communicate clearly through e-mail, on social media platforms.
3. 3-5 years of experience in graphic design
4. Software requirement, Adobe Creative Suite
5. Must submit a portfolio sample.
6. Strong communication, conceptual thinking, typography skills and design skills
1. 柬语书写和口语流利,语法良好。
2. 英语听说读写流利。能够通过电子邮件和社交媒体平台进行清晰的沟通。
3. 3-5年平面设计经验
4. 软件要求:Adobe Creative Suite
5. 必须提交作品集样本
6. 较强的沟通能力,概念思维,排版技巧和设计技巧。