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Basic info
Job TypeFull-time
Recruiting NumbersSeveral people
Department No Limit
Work Experience5-10year
Age range No Limit
Working LocationUnable to determine the address at this location.(Phnom Penh/Daun Penh)
Job Description
Job Description
•Assist project management with making and improving business process for customer engineering.
•Communicate with the supplier for the improvement requirement of engineering materials, follow up the progress, continuous adjust the results, to ensure the improved materials meet the project implementation.
•Responsible for the specific implementation and personnel training after establishment and improvement of the process information system of project business.
•Responsible for company’s material and equipment procurement and contract management.
•To assist the bidding work, participate in bidding and answer to engineering drawings, draft related terms, check quotation is in accordance with the relevant provision and the fee is reasonable.
•Responsible for planning and implementation of project business, establish and perfect the management system of technical information.
•Responsible for collection, sorting and classification of business information, and every trace of project information.
•Finishing and sorting business document template, improve and standardize work process, collect and keep all business letters, faxes and e-mails on file for future reference.
•Collect and organize material information of domestic and overseas, timely grasp the development trend of material.
•Communication and coordination work of relevant sections.
Job Requirement
-Minimum 5 years working experience in management field
-Excellent communication & negotiation skills,
-Excellence of English ,know Chinese in priority
-Have experience with foreign company in priority
-Minimum-University degree in Engineering business. Preferred-Master or higher degree in Engineering business.
-Experience with AutoCAD and MS Office Suites.
-Familiar with the process of engineering business, have working experience in the construction site.
-Familiar with management process of project business and bidding management
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