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Basic info
Job TypeFull-time
Recruiting Numbers1People
Department No Limit
EducationJunior College 
Work ExperienceNo
Age range No Limit
Working LocationTrapeangToul Village, SangkatKambol, Khan Porsenchey, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.(Phnom Penh/Por Sen Chey)
Job Description
1. 制定工厂的年度精益生产改善目标与实施;
2. 负责按精益要求开展实施优化平衡生产线及改善,提高生产效率,提升品质,降低生产成本;
3. 进行现场改进,通过时间分析和行动分析确定IE改进方案并推动实施;
4. 对工厂相关人员进行IE知识和操作技能的培训和宣传;
5. 完成总部安排的其他各项任务。

1. 中专以上学历;
2. 较强的评估和分析生产线人力、机械和设备的能力;
3. 精通精益生产模式和成功实施案例,具有丰富的现场IE管理经验;
4. 熟悉梭织服装厂的生产工艺,缝纫工艺,生产工艺表和工时价格制定者优先;
5. 整体管理能力强,沟通协调能力强,执行能力强,能承受较大压力。

工作时间:7:00-11:00 12:00-18:00

IE Engineer
Level: Supervisor level
Job Responsibilities:
1. Set annual lean production improvement targets and implement them;
2. Responsible for implementing and improving the optimized and balanced production line according to lean requirements, improving production efficiency, improving quality and reducing production costs;
3. Conduct on-site improvement, determine IE improvement plan through time analysis and action analysis and promote its implementation;
4. Conduct IE knowledge and operation skills training and publicity for relevant personnel in the factory;
5. Complete other tasks assigned by the headquarters.

Job Requirements:
1. Technical secondary school or above;
2. Strong ability to evaluate and analyze production line manpower, machinery and equipment;
3. Proficient in lean production mode and successful implementation cases, with rich on-site IE management experience;
4. Familiar with the production process of woven garment factory, sewing process, production process table and man hour price formulation is preferred;
5. Strong overall management ability, strong communication and coordination ability, strong execution ability, and able to work under great pressure.

Salary range: $1000 - $2000, based on interview evaluation and current salary
Working hours: 7:00-11:00 12:00-18:00
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