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Sales Supervisor


Annual Vacation
47 2022/08/08

Job description

Job Description : Sales Supervisor
Salary Rate: Basic salary 500$-700$ + High Commission
Job Duties and Responsibilities:
1. According to company's strategic plan, put forward specific directions and implementation plans for marketing, branding, activities, etc.;
2. Participate in the formulation of the sales plan according to the company's overall business objectives, and at the same time formulate the monthly sales plan of this group to grasp the sales progress;
3. Organize the team to formulate and optimize the process and mechanism of customer expansion and customer conversion;
4. Regularly organize and report on sales, prepare sales reports, and report to managers on a regular basis;
5. Host weekly and daily meetings.
Job Requirements:
1. More than 3 years of sales experience;
2. 2 years and above sales team management experience;
3. Proficiency in using Excel, Word, PowerPoint office software;
4. Fluent in Khmer and English; Chinese speaking is preferred.
5. Strong sense of responsibility, strong ability to withstand pressure.
月薪:底薪500$-700$ + 提成
1. 根据公司整体经营目标,参与制定销售计划,同时制定本组每月销售计划,掌握销售进度;
2. 组织团队制定、优化拓客及转化客户的流程与机制;
3. 定期组织汇报销售情况,编制销售报表,定期报送经理;
4. 主持周会和每日例会。
1. 3年以上的销售从业经验;
2. 2年及以上的销售团队管理经验;
3. 熟练使用Excel、Word、PowerPoint办公软件;
4. 柬语流利、英文流利;会中文优先;
5. 责任心强,抗压能力强。