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Production QA - Upholstery & Furniture


29 2022/08/08

Job description

Purpose of this Function:
Develop and secure the manufacturing quality in compliance to the WSI requirements and ensure good quality products are produced and delivered on time to satisfying our customer expectations.
Purpose of the Job:
This function will lead activities to secure new product’s quality in compliance and keep improving in existing products to secure customer’s satisfaction. This job is carried out in close cooperation with sourcing team and vendors.
Key Responsibilities:
Lead and secure
- Process control plan
• Identify key risk /critical areas/process and algin key actions plan to ensure key process control parameters are set and followed by vendors.
- Inspection
• Perform inspections base on WSI quality standard and process/system and follow up in re- inspection for the failed SKU/PO , work out CAP to prevent further failure.
- FIP(focus inspection program) management
• Train quality standard and inspection process for vendor’s designated QA and secure vendor’s DQA to be successfully certificated
• Monitor vendor’s DQA’S performance and follow up in the CAR to secure vendor’s FIP performance
- Quality improvement
• Customer feedback analysis and define root cause and work with vendor/functional team to work out corrective and preventive actions to drive the improvement.
- PPM and handover
• According to PPM process to secure handover’s successful and validate onsite vendor’s inspection standard (documents and samples)
- FCQE -Factory capability and quality evaluation for potential new supplier’s production facilities and quality systems and follow the CAR

Desirable Qualifications and Competencies:
Core Competences:
- Very good knowledge in respective home furnishing product category (Furniture is MUST and Upholstery category experience is preferred)on constructions, materials, product, and quality levels
- Very good knowledge of production processes and production technologies
- Knowledgeable in process evaluation technique and analysis of suppliers working methods and performance
- Very good knowledge of the product requirements, regulatory standards, and process test requirements
- Minimum of 5 years hands on experience in manufacturing background in home furnishing merchandise (Furniture category is MUST and upholstery is preferred).
- Understanding of product and materials value chain and cost aspects.
- Understanding of QA/QC working tools and customer analysis skills
- Language requirement: Chinese is MUST, English is preferred

General Competence:
- Solution oriented with good analytical and structured approach
- Genuinely interested in understanding the reality of production and continuous improvements
- Ability to make decisions and solve problems with a holistic view and sense of urgency and a never compromising attitude towards quality
- Ability to motivate & lead colleagues and vendors to secure product quality and customer satisfaction
- Capability to lead projects and secure implementation
- Curiosity to learn about customer needs and requirements and continuously learn.

Key Performance Indicators:
- Vendor Scorecard (D&Q and Claims)
- Production process and product quality (Audit and inspection)
- Newness and key carryover order on-time shipment