Site Engineer
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Basic info
Job TypeFull-time
Recruiting Numbers5People
Department No Limit
Work Experience1-3year
Age range20old-40old
Working LocationUnnamed Road, Phnom Penh, Cambodia(Phnom Penh/Chhar Ampov)
Job Description
2.Scope of working:

Site Engineer is responsible for all Civil Engineering works including the security, health and safety, and organizing and supervising materials and people. Site engineers mark out the site, make sure designs are applied correctly and liaise with main and sub-contractors and the site manager. Regular liaison with the client, its representatives, and any consultants is another key part of the job.
3.Duties & responsibilities:

-Manage day to day activities at site construction
- The main source of technical advice and quality control for everyone working on it.
- Monitor and report to Site Manager of project details, including progress, risks and opportunities in a timely manner.
- Overseeing and managing the site labor force and sub-contractors.
- Ensure workmanship and material standards are achieved in accordance with specifications, building regulations, health and safety legislation as well as quality standards
- Adhere to Company Safety standards and promote safety culture among the ranks throughout the company
- Execute the work to meet required schedule set by the management
- Find su**ontractor as required by the company
- Check the usage of materials and equipment with su**ontractor to make sure that it is used properly
- Maintain a good housekeeping daily at site
- Prepare a payment report for the su**ontractor every week.
- Good communication with team work.

4.Qualification & requirement:
-Analytical and Problem solving skills
-Construction related skills
-Team work and communication
-Auto cad and other related software
-Accuracy and attention to detail
-Understanding of drawings, and construction schedule.
-Time Management Skills
-Understanding of construction process
-Computer skills

5.Working Days and Hours

-Monday to Saturday: 7:00am to 11:00pm & 1:00pm to 5:00pm
-Lunch time: 11:00pm to 1:00pm


-Site Engineer work at Sire projects of Peng Huoth Group.


-Site Engineer: works under supervise & report directly to Site Supervisor.

8.Salary and Benefit

-Salary (Negotiable)
-Up to 300% annual incentive
-Annual Salary increment
-Annual Staff Party
-Annual Trip
-Education Sponsorship
-Internal and External Training
-Special price for house loan
-Seniority Pay
-Over Time
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