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6 Reasons to Do an Internship While Studying

3 2022/09/02
There are many different ways toward a successful career. Amongst these different ways, interning is widely accepted as one of the most successful paths toward getting your dream job. While a university degree is great,when you are looking for a job, experience is much more valued to recruiters, and interning gives you just that. Below are the 6 reasons why you should do an internship while studying.

Real Work Experience:

As mentioned earlier, work experience is highly valued by recruiters everywhere. Some companies may only accept applicants who have work experience. It is already a running joke amongst students that a job needs experience, and to get experience, you need a job, which leaves them in an endless cycle of applying for a job, getting an interview appointment, failing said interview due to no work experience, and repeat. This is when interning comes in. Internships count as real work experience for most companies. Thus interning while you are still studying means that by the end of  your study, you will have both a higher education degree, and sufficient work experience to get into any company you want. This is why interning is widely recognized as one of the most effective ways toward a successful career.

Network and Connections

Network and connections may be the most important aspect in career advancement. Many of the most successful individuals in the world such as Steve Jobs, Michelle Obama, and more, referred to network and connection building when speaking of their success. Interning when you are younger gives you more time and opportunities to work with successful people around you, learning from them or even befriending them. These professional connections are usually hard to come by, and are always helpful when you look for recommendations, or when you are looking for people to start a project with. Interning gives you easy access to them, which is why it is crucial for your career advancement.

Self Exploration

There are many cases where a person only finds out that they dislike their job after a few months or years of working. By the time they found out, it was already a bit late because changing a career path would mean restarting their career. Interning gives you actual experience of the career path you are working toward, thus gives you more time to learn about the job, and yourself to decide whether it is good for you or not. You can even intern in different fields to find one that gives you the most fulfillment and that you are sure of. This helps you tremendously in career advancement since you won’t have to try out jobs that may not fit you.

CV Content

Internships are always a plus on any kind of CV. As mentioned above, recruiters always prefer applicants who have experience, and by having Internships on your CV, you have an increased chance of getting an interview offer or even a job offer. Even if the field that you interned for does not match what recruiters are looking for, it is still better to include them in your CV rather than not, which is a reason why you should intern while studying.

Skills and Confidence

Interning is basically doing the easier version of real work. There are many opportunities to learn new skills, as well as to participate in important projects. While learning new skills is good, being able to participate in important projects will give you the confidence that you would not be able to find anywhere else other than a workplace. The skills and confidence you gained after internship will make you stand out from all other applicants both on papers, and when you are getting interviewed. They will also push you toward a successful career faster. This shows why an internship is extremely important for you to achieve a successful career.

Job Offers

As mentioned above, an internship is basically an easier version of a real job, which means you will be working with a real team, supervisor, and employer. There are many occasions where an intern displays enough skill and work ethics for them to directly receive a job offer from their company after their internship period. In a way, an internship is also a trial period for the company you are interning for to observe and learn about you. Therefore you too may be able to get an official job offer after the internship period. Thus interning itself is a career advancement.

In short, interning is one of the best ways to start your career, and more. There is much evidence that points towards interning when we are studying successful people. Thus we at CamboJob encourage every young reader to do an internship while they are still studying. 

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