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How To Prepare For a Job Interview

72 2022/09/09
Finding a suitable job is already hard enough, and getting a job interview is a nightmare for those who lack experience. While going through an interview process can be hard, It is the most common process in getting a job. That’s why we should be cautious and well-prepared before a job interview to make sure we get the job in one shot. In this article, we will show you some tips on how to prepare for a job interview.  

Analyze and Research

Before you go to a job interview, make sure you are well-understood of the tasks, job descriptions, and what the company is looking for. They might ask questions about them to see whether or not you are qualified for the job, so you need to be well-prepared to tell them your experience, and personal qualifications, and think about what you can provide to their company. You will look incompetent during the interview if all you know is the title of your position. Moreover, showing off your skills is not enough. You have to prove to recruiters that you are interested in this position, so do your homework well about company culture, and learn about company information as much as possible that will help you to bring good answers during your interview.

Dress To Impress

Be careful with your first impression. Recruiters will judge you based on their first impression of you, so you have to be well-prepared with both your body language and your attire. Regarding attires, formal clothes are a must to wear during the interview section. How you dress up for a job interview can give off many hints about your personality. For example, recruiters may think that you are careless and disrespectful if you show up in casual attire. However, depending on what kind of company you are going to interview for, you may play around with your attire a little. For example, if you are going to an interview for a fashion or artistic position, you may attract the interviewer's attention by dressing up flashily. Dressing well also gives you confidence, which is an important factor in any interview. This confidence will elevate your gestures, eye contact, and personality to a whole new level.

Listen and Ask

Most people love those who listen more than speak, and the same goes for recruiters. Listen to questions that recruiters ask you, and show you’re interested in their questions to make them feel good. You can also ask questions back if you are not clear on any part, but make sure those questions have not been explained yet, and are appropriate. 


One of the most important keys to success is confidence. If you are nervous, you will not be able to answer questions during the interview properly. That’s why you need to practice with common interview questions to gain self-confidence.  In addition, be truthful in your answer during the interview. You should never lie about skills or qualifications that you don’t have because most recruiters will be able to tell whether you are lying or not. Be honest with your answer, and put confidence into it to make them know you are reliable for this job.

Follow up

After you are done with the interview, thank recruiters for sparing their time interviewing you, and express how interested you are in the position you are applying for. You can start following up on your interview result after 2 days through email or message. 

In short, the interview is an important step to getting a job, so you need to be well-prepared with the tips above to answer the interview question confidently. You can also practice doing an interview with your friends, and family to let them correct your mistakes. 

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