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3 Simple Ways to Keep Employees Motivated

30 2022/10/13

Employees are the engines that keep a company running. In every business, large and small, the most important key to success is to keep employees motivated toward reaching their goal. When an employee is motivated and happy, they are often more creative, productive, hard-working, less likely to procrastinate, or worse, resign. While the importance of keeping employees motivated is universally known, the methods of doing so and their effectiveness can vary from employers to employers. In this article, we will discuss 3 of the most simple and effective methods to keep employees motivated.

1. Positive Interactions/Communication

Not every interaction and communication at a workplace has to be about work. Humans are social creatures. They find comfort in friendly interactions and communications since it is in their nature to seek one another to form communities. This also applies to in a company. A simple friendly interaction or conversation initiated by an employer to an employee can give them unimaginable comfort, and assure them that their presence is appreciated. A friendly interaction does not always have to be a conversation; a simple smile, nod, or passing remarks also work. Many successful individuals such as Arthur Millers, Bill Gates, and more  have stressed on how important positive interactions are to keep their employees motivated and perform better. While simple, this method has proven itself many times that it is effective in keeping employees motivated, and has been used by some of the most successful people in the world.

2. Incentive Programs

The effectiveness of incentive programs in motivating employees at the workplace is so widely recognized that most companies in the world have already adopted them. The idea behind it is extremely simple, yet efficient and effective; reward people for working hard and producing results, and they will continue to do so. According to the Business Journals, employee incentive programs keep employees motivated, improve teamwork and morale, and attract top talents, which in turn boost company profitability and business values. Incentive programs are the most simple and easiest way to boost employees' motivation at the workplace, which is why every company should adopt them.

3. Supportive Work Environment

Depending on the work, workplaces can get extremely stressful, and employees spend on average 8 waking hours a day at their workplace. It has been shown many times in countless researches that stress kills creativity, motivation, and most importantly productivity. While eliminating stress from workplaces may not be entirely possible, employers can create a supportive work environment which counteracts them. A supportive work environment, as mentioned early can counteract work stress, and at the same time motivate employees. There are many steps in creating a supportive work environment. Cleanliness, and hygienic work premises is the first step. The second step is encouraging open-mindedness, creativity, self-improvement, honesty, transparency, and flexibility at the workplace. Last but not least, handle employee failures in a positive and productive manner. These steps can be discussed even further with more details, but that is for another article.  With a supportive work environment, employees will be able to stay productive and motivated even while combating work stress.

Motivation is important in every work place. An unmotivated employee will not be able to effectively and productively handle tasks assigned to them, which is why keeping employees motivated at workplaces is extremely important to the success of a company. The 3 above mentioned methods have been proven times and again to be effective in keeping employees motivated. We at CamboJob hope that this article will be helpful to employers reading it. 

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