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4 Recommended First Jobs In Cambodia

74 2022/10/28

Building a successful career is a long and arduous journey for most people. Each of these journeys began with an intimidating first step. The first steps, which are the first jobs, are frequently the most perplexing, but they are also the ones that will teach you the most. Your first job is also one of the most important jobs in your life since it will most likely shape your work styles and mindset. Therefore, choosing a suitable first job is extremely crucial for your career overall. Depending on your specialized fields, these 4 jobs that we are going to discuss may be the very best ones to start with in Cambodia.

  1. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers are storytellers whose job is to find ways to creatively interact with both clients and audiences via visuals. Being a graphic designer, you will constantly need to learn to adapt to trends, maintain a creative mindset, work in a team, and last but not least, listen to and execute instructions from supervisors or clients. All of these will teach you important hard and soft skills such as teamwork, data research and analysis, creative and critical thinking and most importantly, communications. You will also find yourself surrounded by or working with creative people who are working toward the same goals, as well as influential people from the same field, which is a great opportunity for you to create networks and connections. For those who are looking into creative, media, marketing, or entertaining fields, the graphic designer position is the best first step. 

  1. Personal Assistant

There is no first job that will give you more opportunity to develop than the Personal Assistant Position. A Personal Assistant, in most cases, works with senior or higher level staff members in providing them support. As they serve as a representation of a high-level staff member, they need to have a deep understanding of the company structures, key personnels, and workflows which require them to develop great interpersonal skills, and to be always well-prepared, well presented, and professional. Their tasks vary depending on their supervisors and what kind of company they are working for. Some of the most common tasks they handle are monitoring their supervisor's email and responding if required, answering phone calls, planning meetings, writing meeting minutes, conducting research and collecting data that supervisor may require, and any task assigned by their supervisor. While the position is in no way easy, the qualifications required for it are actually extremely manageable for those who do not have work experience. This combines with the flexibility of the position, and the opportunities it provides make personal assistant one of the best positions to start your career with.

  1. Customer Service Representatives

Customer Service Representatives are, in most cases, serve as the frontline of the company. A customer service representative supports customers by providing them information, answering questions, responding to complaints, solving minor issues, and more. Their main responsibility is to ensure that customers or clients are satisfied with the products, service, or features that the company provides. In this position, you will encounter many different types of clients or customers. Therefore, having great communication skills, understanding skills, problem solving skills, and quick thinking skills is extremely important. Want to or not, overtime, you will start developing these skills on your own as a Customer Service Representative. These skills are all essential for you to advance in your careers, which is why a Customer Service Representative is a great first job for you.

  1. Web Designer

As opposed to the popular belief that the Web Designer is a lonesome position, they in fact, work as a group most of the time. Web Designers are a group of people who creatively use their software programming and engineering skills to design, build, maintain, and improve a website. This position requires extreme attention to details, creativity, and most importantly various computer technical and programming skills, which makes it specifically a position for those who are planning to specialize in the IT field. While working as a web designer, you are given the time and platform to test out and experiment your technical theories, as well as an opportunity to learn from other more experienced co-workers. With the above-mentioned upsides, the Web Designer Position is one of the best first jobs for those who are looking to get into the IT field. 

Your first job is detrimental in determining how successful your career will be in your foreseeable future  which is why choosing it carefully is extremely important. We hope that this article will help you in making a decision as to which job to get into.

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